About Us

Sleeping Dog FX_1a


Sleeping Dog FX was born out of the need to find perfect tone that has eluded musicians for years, until now. We are proud to help musicians define their tone and find the sound that they have been searching for.

All of Sleeping Dog FX pedals are handmade here in Lincolnshire UK using only the best available components and finished to a very high standard. Michael Haynes founder of Sleeping Dog FX is dedicated to provide high quality products that are built to last with fantastic tone that musicians will be reaching for again and again. Backed by a 1 year guarantee we believe in our products so much that you’ll be passing these down from generation to generation.

Having built custom pedals for working musicians over the years this has given us the opportunity to test our products in a real working environment, our products are specifically designed around the needs of the user.

All of our pedals feature true bypass switching (with on/off LED) so that you can be sure that when not in use your tone isn’t affected.