Akron Family


Sleeping Dog FX are extremely pleased to announce that Miles Seaton of Akron/Family fame has been added to the growing list of fantastic artists who endorse Sleeping Dog FX products.

Miles contacted Sleeping Dog FX looking to add some different tones and textures to his live set up.

At times carrying out both bass and guitar duties Miles required FX that would suit both of these demands. So Sleeping Dog FX sent the pedals that would cut the mustard.

Signed to Dead Oceans Records Akron/Family are well known for their ability of blending wonderful aural pleasures of folk with the dynamic edge of experimental rock aceness.

Having been prolific recording artists over the past decade Akron/Family have a great and varied body of work behind them and are an extremely versatile and captivating Live act. Akron/Family are a band not to be taken for granted.

Sleeping Dog FX was lucky enough to catch up with them recently on the UK leg of their tour for their recent album release “Sub Verses”

And what a Jolly bunch of nice guys they are too!