Sleeping Dog FX couldn’t be happier to Welcome Mylets to the ever growing list of artists that use our products.

Henry Kohen, a.k.a one-man band and looping king Mylets is a wizard when it comes to the fine art of using stomp boxes. If you ever get the chance to see his carefully choreographed tap dance live, then please do. Seeing him looping his drum machine and then layering on the guitar is a sight and sound to behold!

With a collection of EP’s (Retcon) and an Album (Arizona) released through Sargent House, and a string of tours under his Belt Henry / Mylets is a one man math rock band to be reckoned with.

Henry uses a selection of Sleeping Dog FX pedals both Live and in the Studio, and he has a particular penchant for the Fuzz Hound.

Check him out here…