Low – Alan Sparhawk

Alan Sparhawk of Duluth based Glacial indie rock legends Low use a variety of Sleeping Dog FX pedals in the studio and while out on the road with beautiful results.

Sleeping Dog FX have long admired the harmonious work of Alan and Mimi, So It was an honour when Alan contact us about using some of our pedals.

Sleeping Dog FX had the pleasure of meeting up with Alan at a recent show in the UK and was delighted when he took a bunch of pedals back home with him. Including a Chi-Wah-Wah Deluxe , Fuzz Hound, a custom one-off Delay pedal in a tasty wooden enclosure and a custom modified Octavia Octave/fuzz

Having released their 11th Studio album in 2015 “Ones and Sixes” we can all be thankful that Low will be here providing us aural pleasure for many more years to come.

Check them out here