Sleeping Dog FX is overjoyed to announce that Glasgow based post rock giants Mogwai have been added to the ever growing list of fantastic artists who use Sleeping Dog FX products.

Both Stuart Braithwaite and John Cummings use a variety of Sleeping Dog FX pedals while on the road and in the Studio with epic results.

Sleeping Dog FX has been a massive fan of Mogwai’s work since the early days, so it was very exciting to be able to discuss the products with Stuart and John.  Pedals  were sent over just in time for the recording of their new album.  They love them  so much that they are used on all the recordings.

Releasing albums through their own label Rockaction records, Mogwai  have a great body of work behind them. Known for their intricate melodies and  blistering riffs,

Mogwai’s sonic palette has all the colours and textures needed to make some of the most beautiful music of all time.

Mogwai are a band at the top of their game and anyone unfamiliar with them should definitely check them out.