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Sleeping Dog FX “K9” Buffer.

The Sleeping Dog FX “K9 buffer” is designed to eliminate signal loss and restore your guitars original tone that may be lacking from using long cables and a range of unbuffered “True Bypass” pedals. Maintaining fidelity and having a killer tone is an important part of any guitarists set up. With the Sleeping Dog FX “K9 buffer” you can finally have the tone that has eluded you for years.

Have you ever plugged your guitar into your pedal rig and noticed a loss of high end content?
Now think about how your guitars signal is routed to your amp. That’s right, it’s more than likely going through two 10ft cables and a bunch of True bypass pedals each linked together by another 1ft patch lead….. So around 25ft + then?
Imagine the adverse effect this is going to have on the tone of your beloved axe.

A simple way to hear the difference is to plug your guitar straight into your amp using a very short patch lead.
Now plug your guitar into your amp using a 20ft lead. You’ll immediately notice treble loss and an overall bassier sound.
Now put the Sleeping Dog FX “K9 Buffer” at the start of your guitars signal and hear your tone come alive right before your urm……ears.

With its high input impedance and low output impedance you can be sure that the Sleeping Dog FX “K9 buffer” is looking after your guitars signal from pickup to amp.
Put the Sleeping Dog FX “K9 Buffer” at the start of a variety of True bypass pedals, before a long cable going to your amp or even before or after your favourite wah or vintage fuzz face. You’ll be thankful that you did. (There’s a debate to be had here regarding placing buffers before or after fuzzes and Wahs. We will leave this for another time, You ears will be the best judge of what works for you)

High quality audio components throughout.
High quality input and output sockets
Input Impedance: 1 Meg ohm
Output impedance: 560 ohm
Power consumption: 80 mA
Requires 9v DC centre negative power supply (Not supplied)
Presented in a lovely Silk screened enclosure
Hand wired in the UK

Additional information:
The Sleeping Dog FX “K9 Buffer” has an exceptionally small footprint so that it won’t take up valuable pedal board real estate (90mm x 38mm) It also features a flat top so that you can Velcro another pedal directly on top of it saving even more space.
What’s more the PCB of the K9 buffer is very small and can be fitted inside any existing stock Sleeping Dog FX pedal with ease (Except the Mighty Flea)
We can even build custom buffers with added FX loops and tuner outputs giving you an exceptional all in one guitar interface that keeps your tuner and other necessities out of your guitars signal path.
Contact Sleeping Dog FX for further details and pricing.


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