Laika” True 3 way Vibrato Darren Hayman Signature Model



Product Description

Sleeping Dog FX “Laika” True 3 way Vibrato   The Sleeping Dog FX “Laika” (AKA Space Dog!) was born out of the need for a real True Vibrato which features NO dry signal in Vibrato mode giving you subtle, sweet and shimmering vibrato to deep seasick pitch bending goodness. With the use of the 3 way toggle switch you can select 2 additional vibrato modes. Mode One gives you a mild phaser reminiscent of the classic script 45 with a tasty range of phaser speed and depth to tune a variety of musical voicing’s.  Mode 2 gives you the True vibrato mode which goes from shimmering and beautiful to a pitch bending giddiness. Mode 3 gives you a unique blend of the vibrato and phaser voicing for a combination of amplitude and frequency modulation similar to that of a rotary speaker. Additionally there’s a Tempo LED that blinks in time to the LFO setting helping you to fine tune the speed and depth controls in a live setting. With its 3 way mode switch and wide ranging speed and depth controls “Laika” is a True Vibrato deserving of a place on pedal boards the world over.   Features: Depth and Rate controls allowing you to tune your tone. 3 way mode switch selecting between True Vibrato/Phaser/Rotary-esque voicing. High Quality Input and output jacks. True Bypass switching for a clean bypassed tone. Handpicked Audio Quality components. High Quality Super Bright LED. 9V DC 2.1mm Centre negative (Standard) power supply (Not supplied)


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