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Low End Theory



Product Description

Sleeping Dog FX is proud to present the all new Low End Theory Bass distortion unit.
A multifunctional bass Distortion – Overdrive – Preamp, Hand built to extremely high standards using superior quality components throughout.

The Low End Theory offers both Bassists and Guitarists a sonic assault of filth and an uncompromising level of auditory dirty, which is guaranteed to leave you moist around the ears and promises to render all other distortion pedals surplus to requirements.

Taking 2 years in the design process and cutting no corners, Sleeping Dog FX are ecstatic to offer this bludgeoning Distortion pedal, built by hand in strictly limited numbers.

The Low End Theory is a Low Frequency Distortion – Overdrive – Preamp pedal that delivers an unparalleled level of sonic doom and high gain wizardry. Due to a careful selection of high grade audio components, the Low End Theory offers clarity, a noiseless operation and precision performance even at its most extreme settings, unmatched by any other Distortion unit.

The Sleeping Dog FX Low End Theory is equally at home in a live or studio setting, offering a multitude of distortion tones and flavours due to its 6 position clipping section, EQ control, Gain control, Output control and clean signal blend.

Gain – Sets the Level of Gain produced by the circuit. start on Lower settings and adjust to taste

EQ – Featuring a Low pass filter, the EQ control lets you dial in the perfect amount of Low or High frequency content to your signal

Output – Sets the Output level of the distortion unit

Blend – Fully clockwise gives you distortion only. Fully counter clockwise is clean signal only.
12 O’clock gives you an equal blend of distortion and clean signal, further enabling you to maintain the Low frequency content
The Blend control, used in unison with the gain control, lets you dial in a complimentary amount of filth v’s clean signal

Clipping Rotary Switch – Offering a massive six different clipping sections giving you a huge palette of distortion to saturate your sonic canvas.

1 – No Clipping – High Gain Overdrive/Preamp
2 – Silicon symmetrical Clipping – Medium gain, standard distortion
3 – Germanium Asymmetrical Clipping – Medium gain vintage distortion
4 – Led Clipping – High Gain metallic distortion
5 – Asymmetrical Silicon Clipping – Medium gain harmonic distortion
6 – Mosfet clipping – Boutique high gain distortion

NB: Each setting will give vastly different distortion characteristics and levels of available output. Used in conjunction with the blend and gain controls is key to maintaining the optimum level of clarity and definition to your signal

True bypass wiring – so that your clean signal is unaffected when not in use
High quality audio grade components
High quality input and output jacks
Requires 9V dc Centre negative power supply (Not supplied)

Presented in an awesome silk screened black matt enclosure


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