You Dirty Dog! Deluxe Distortion



Product Description

Sleeping Dog FX “You Dirty Dog!” Deluxe distortion pedal.

“Are you searching for that classic sweet tone of the Blues? The dynamic edge of the early Punk sound? Or the dirtiest, Raunchiest high gain amp assault? Then Look no further. This is the “You Dirty Dog!” Deluxe Distortion pedal. I make no bones about it when I say this truly is Distortion for all!   With its multi-selectable clipping section that offers both symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping. With the classic silicon diode, Harsh LED clipping, Creamy and warm Mosfet clipping and for the connoisseur’s amongst you there’s lush germanium diodes.


This is the go to pedal for everything from classic rock to wailing post rock tones. From Rhythmic power chord chugging to blistering lead work.   Featuring Level, Filter, Bark and Bite Controls. Plus 3 toggle switches to select the multitude of clipping options available and to engage the additional bite control.  everybody will be able to dial in there perfect sound.
Here’s the Shizzle

Level, filter, Bark and Bite controls allowing you to tune your tone.

Two way toggle switch engaging or disengaging the additional bite control for taming some of the high end.

Two Three way toggle switches to select the multitude of clipping options of either

Asymmetrical germanium & silicon Diodes Or symmetrical mosfet’s & LED clipping.

True Bypass Switching for a clean bypass tone.

Handpicked Audio Quality Components of the highest standard. High Quality Red LED’s Quality, long life input and output sockets

9VDC 2.1mm centre negative tip (standard) power socket.

Presented in a lovely hand finished silkscreened enclosure.

Ladies and Gentleman stand back for the beast no longer sleeps!



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